We take immense pride in providing high-quality finishing in a timely manner with full warranties and post-project customer service.


Our team of architects and site managers have over 15 years of experience, especially when it comes to building custom homes. With decades of experience, Dezhin Toronto Ltd. is known for providing innovative and influential work through their dependable services.  We are a household name in our field of development as well as in the design community for both residential and commercial projects. Our success in design and management of projects from luxury custom home building to more complex projects such as mixed-use commercial buildings is due to our accomplished staff, coupled with unconventional thought process and the belief in constant collaboration. Allow us to walk you through the steps and turn your vision into reality. We not only help to build homes, but we work alongside our clients from the drawing of the initial plans until they step foot in their brand new home. 

We are mainly specialized in custom built homes, renovations, kitchens, basements, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and tear down. Basically one stop solution for all your construction related matters. The company is located in GTA and has main mission to build elegant custom homes that exceed client’s expectations.

We love building homes for you